Summer is on its way and we couldn’t be more happy about it! Will you be spending any time in Iceland this summer?

Icelanders get an early jump on summer. Sumardagurinn fyrsti, The First day of summer is an annual public holiday in Iceland and is always on Thursday from 19 to 25 April. It makes sense that Icelanders would want to celebrate the arrival of summer after loooong winters. But why celebrate this day in April…? 

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Spring time is officially around the corner!

We believe that spring is a time of new beginnings when places come alive with a renewed sense of liveliness.

Iceland’s dramatic and striking landscapes of snow, ice and waterfalls softens in the spring. The temperatures become milder, and flowers begin to bloom. What a great time to explore Iceland!

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The city is finally out of its Christmas hangover phase and the days are getting longer – to our much delight 🙂
Valentine’s is just around the corner. We believe that Iceland is THE place for a romantic getaway 

The weather in February can be veeery changeable. You could experience rain, snow, sleet and blue sky all in one day! The weather is definitely our biggest character we deal with every day 🙂  Read more

Happy new year dear guests! And hello January!


January is a great month to experience a more authentic Iceland. It is usually the coldest month – and the darkest. In other words; very short days. The darkness is not all bad though because more darkness also means more chances of seeing the northern lights – if we are lucky 😊 Read more

Reykjavík in December is so lovely. Beautiful Christmas decorations, fun events, good food and delicious beverages…

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You’re in Iceland – now go enjoy Iceland!
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Take a look at the Northern Lights – they’re back!
The official Northern Lights season in Iceland is from October till March. If you are in Iceland in October/November, you are probably at the very least little bit curious about the best way to see them… Our Tour Desk staff will gladly help you plan an awesome trip – you can also check out different tours and activities here.

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Hótelið er í göngufæri við Laugaveg þar sem söfn, gallerí, veitingastaðir og margir aðrir áhugaverðir og skemmtilegir staðir  eru á hverju horni. Read more
 ☆ Gleðilega Menningarhátíð ☆ 
Menningarnótt er hátíð sem allir borgarbúar skapa og upplifa saman, úti á torgum og götum miðborgarinnar, í bakgörðum og í húsum í bænum. Í ár verður afar fjölbreytt dagskrá og úrval viðburða.

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Hátíðir í júlí & ágúst 

Hvað er að gerast í Reykjavík í júlí og ágúst?

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… Smá brot:

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