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Hallgrímskirkja church

Hallgrímskirkja is Iceland’s largest church and Reykjavík’s main landmark. The church sits high on Skólavörðuholt hill making it visible from almost anywhere in the city. Designed in 1937 as an embodiment of Icelandic National Style”, the building wasn’t finished until 1986, but you can see how architect was inspired by the looming mountains and sweeping glaciers of Iceland, and most notably, how the steeple and wings are styled after the unusual columnar basalt formations along Iceland’ coast. Tickets up to the observation deck in the steeple give visitors a commanding panorama of the city. In front of the church stands a statue of Leif Eiriksson (c. 970 – c. 1020), the first European to discover America. The statue was a gift from the US government on the occasion of the 1.000 year anniversary of the Althing parliament in 1930. No visit to Reykjavík is complete without a selfie with our winsome statue of Leif the Lucky peering out bravely from the front of the church.

Location: 12 min. walk from Klettur.

April and May announcement:

The tower will be closed for approximately 5 weeks after Easter due to renewal of the elevator. The elevator will be closed from April 23rd. More information can be found on the website 


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