Are you staying in #Reykjavik this month?
August is definitely a lively month with numerous celebrations and festivals taking place in Iceland.
If so, you may want to take a look at some of the festivals available 🙂
Verslunarmannahelgin (Merchant’s weekend) kicks off this Friday. This labour day / bank holiday is celebrated every summer on the first Monday in August. Thousands of people attend outdoor festivals enjoying live music. This is also the biggest weekend for domestic travel for Icelanders. So you can definitely expect packed roads.
The Innipúkinn annual music festival (3 – 5 August) will be held downtown Reykjavík, so if you are in town you’ll definitely want to hit this festival up!  Here you can find out more (… psst, a festival ticket gives you access to all shows the entire weekend).
Check out Reykjavík Pride!
Happening: 7 – 12 August.
Reykjavík Pride has been an annual event in Reykjavík since 1999 and is now one of the biggest events in Iceland. Downtown Reykjavík will definitely be bursting with colors and happiness!  
The parade staging area is at Sæbraut, near Harpa Concert Hall, from 12.a.m. on August 11th.  Check out the venue programme here.
Reykjavík Culture night 18 August – a day full of festivities and many, many events!
To sum it up: pretty much every square metre in downtown Reykjavík will be packed with people and the main objective of this spectacular day is to deliver a diverse and rich offering of all kinds of cultural events the whole day, ending with a glorious firework show by the harbour. All events are free of charge. Pretty awesome!





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