Reykjavík in December is so lovely. Beautiful Christmas decorations, fun events, delicious food and beverages…

Christmas, or Jól as we say in Icelandic (Yule), is a time we all get together, enjoy good food and be marry 🙂

Þorláksmessa – St. Thorlakur’s Day, Dec. 23rd
On this day, many of us eat kæst skata (fermented skate). This strange-smelly fish is considered a great delicacy in Iceland. It has been described as eating a rotten fish, but many of us simply love the smell and the taste. Those Icelanders who eat it will literally stuff themselves on Þorláksmessa. N.B. You will definitely feel a strange odor while walking around in Reykjavík on this day 🙂

Aðfangadagur – Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th
Here we are! Christmas! The most common Christmas dishes are hamborgarahryggur (smoked ham) and hangikjöt (smoked lamb). We recommend having a Malt & Appelsín, a mix of two soft drinks on the side. Mostly all restaurants are closed today, but don’t worry, there are some restaurants that will be open around this time. We suggest our guests to reserve a table as soon as possible. Here you can see a list of what is open / closed.

Jóladagur – Christmas Day, Dec. 25th and Boxing Day Dec. 26th
Jóladagur (Christmas Day) and Annar í jókum (Boxing Day) are usually celebrated with extended family. We eat more of this delicious food and beverages in good company. Many of the restaurants in Reykjavík offer traditional Icelandic Christmas food – give them a try!

Gamlárskvöld / Nýársdagur – New Year’s Eve
This is THE night! Icelanders looove shooting firworks and this is the night the whole nation goes wild! Bonfires are all around at approx. 9 pm, and we slowly begin shooting the fireworks at that time. We celebrate the new year by having a toast and watch the whole sky lights up. Truly breathtaking! If you are wondering about a great location to watch the firework display, we recommend you to enjoy the extravaganza show from a tall building or any hill with a great overview of the city – for example at Hallgrímskirkja or Perlan

Gleðileg Jól! (Merry Christmas!) 🙂 

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