You’re in Iceland – now go enjoy Iceland!
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Take a look at the Northern Lights – they’re back!
The official Northern Lights season in Iceland is from October till March. If you are in Iceland in October/November, you are probably at the very least little bit curious about the best way to see them… Our Tour Desk staff will gladly help you plan an awesome trip – you can also check out different tours and activities here.

Join a hot tub discussion – talk to locals and soak in a hot tub! Experience pure thermal energy and take a dip in a thermal pool… The public swimming pools are probably one of the best things about Reykjavík – not only a great source of natural therapy but an important part of our culture. Any visitor to Iceland simply must visit at least one of our pools! To see information about the swimming pools, visit this one.
Check out the whales!
Whale watching excursions are available year round. A number of whale watching tours depart from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík – please ask our friendly staff for their recommendations.

Visit Viðey; the home of The Imagine Peace Tower; a work of art by Yoko Ono as a beacon to world peace.
This tiny historically island is situated in Kollfjörður just off the coast of Reykjavík – The Viðey Ferry will take you there.
On Viðey, you will definitely be rewarded with a spectacular views of the surroundings mainland. From October until December you can enjoy a beautiful blue light in the sky. The tower is lit every year from 9 October, on John Lennon’s b-day, through 8 December.

Meet the Icelandic horse! 
There is a lot to love about the small-but-mighty Icelandic horse. These small and fluffy horses are like the toughest horses around. Horse riding in Iceland is the ultimate way to get in better touch with nature.

Iceland Airwaves 1. – 5. November 2017
Love listening to music? The Icelandic Airwaves Musical festival is coming up! The festival features some of the Iceland’s top artists – put that on the list!

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