The city is finally out of its Christmas hangover phase and the days are getting longer – to our much delight 🙂
Valentine’s is just around the corner. We believe that Iceland is THE place for a romantic getaway 

The weather in February can be veeery changeable. You could experience rain, snow, sleet and blue sky all in one day! The weather is definitely our biggest character we deal with every day 🙂 

We gain more and more sunlight as February adds about 6 and a half minutes of daylight every day – hello sun!
Even if the days are getting a little bit longer every day, it will still be dark enough to go and see the Northern Lights.

You can expect the average low to be appr. -2°Celcius and the average high temperatures at about 3°Celcius.
Definitely plenty of things to see and do in Reykjavík – why not go whale watching? Orcas, pilot whales and beaked whales can be spotted on tours throughout February.

Events in February:

Icelandic Beer Festival 22 – 25 February
Celebration of 29 years of beer freedom with a four day festival starring the best of the Icelandic Beer Trade along with a few North American and Danish ones great food.
Website: Kexland

Stockfish Film festival 23 Februar – 5 March
The festival screens some of the most up-and-coming art-house films in the world and invites international filmmakers to discuss the state of filmmaking, the industry and community.
Website: Stockfishfestival

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