Finally summer has arrived! Well, fingers crossed.

Every month in Iceland is recognizably unique. Now as we have reached May, who’s ready for summer? We know we are! May is truly a great time to visit Iceland – the weather is drastically on the upswing and we step out of our winter hibernation…

Well… almost 😊

… in May we can experience the whole package; sun, sleet, rain, snow, hail, rain, snow, sun. So be prepared dear travelers! 😊

Tours and activities in May:

May in Iceland is an excellent period for travelers looking to maximize their holiday experience. Almost every option is available; snorkeling, whale watching, horseback riding, hiking, sightseeing… the list is endless. Please note that the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights in May are almost close to zero as May comes close to experience the Midnight Sun 😊

Events and festivals in May & June:

There are number of events and festivals that occur in May. Here is a sneak peak of random festivals & events:

RAFLOST – Festival of Electronic Arts 24 – 26 May. The festival is an annual boost to the grass root of Icelandic electronic art festival.

Festival of the Sea. Held 2 – 3 June at Grandagarður.
The festival celebrates all aspects of the sea as it reflects traditional Icelandic culture and the nation’s long-standing dependence on fishing.
Happenings: Hátíð hafsins

Color Run 9 June. 5 km of exploding colored powder! This untimed 5km will take place in downtown Reykjavík where runners are splashed with different colored powder. Definitely a colorful day!
Press here for ticket sales and further information.

Icelandic National Day 17 June
The celebrations take place all over the capital area and throughout the country. The program includes family-oriented entertainment, outdoor plays, concerts, street happenings and variety of shows. Join us!
Here you can read more about our day.

Secret Solstice 21 – 24 June 
An Icelandic music festival showcasing established artists and up-and-coming talent over three days. Will you be dancing along to eclectic harmonies during the Midnight Sun Music Festival?
Ticket & info: Secret Solstice

For more events, check out Visit Reykjavik website.
See you in Iceland! 🙂