Perlan is one of Reykjavik’s most notable landmarks. Perlan was built on top of six hot water tanks, each of which holds over 4 million litres of hot water. Perlan opened in 1991 and features the Winter Garden exhibition space, a cafeteria, restaurant and an observation deck.

The Reykjavik Heating Utility constructed an artificial geyser by Perlan to educate and entertain visitors. A 30 metre deep hole was drilled and a steel tube and pipeline installed. The water that passes through the pipe has a temperature of 125°C.

In the surrounding Oskjuhlid area, approximately 176,000 trees have been planted, forming a pleasant woodland area. There are many trails for walking or cycling along with peaceful clearings that are ideal for relaxation.

Perlan is open daily from 10 AM, the cafeteria from 10 AM to 9 PM and the restaurant from 6:30 PM.
Admission to the observation deck is free.