The new student housing is now ready in Brautarholt. The new housing is located in Brautarholt no 7, between Mjölnisholt and Ásholts and they consist of 102 units, 32 couples apartments and 70 studio apartments, a total of 4,700 m2. The apartments are a mix of single and pair apartments, and also apartments for families. The constructions lasted from July 2015 to autumn 2016 and they unfortunately caused some interference for some of our guests, but our staff made sure to inform all our guests and partners about them.


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Hlemmur square gets a new role!

Next spring Iceland’s first “Food Hall” will open for the first time in Reykjavik. Exciting times for our nation as well as all the lovely tourists visiting Iceland. Hlemmur square will continue to be a service destination for Strætó public bus, though the building will receive a brand new role. The food market will be open daily and it will be the home of ten small restaurants and finest deli. The food market has notified four merchants already: Ísleifur the lucky (brand new magical ice cream shop), restaurant Taco Santo, coffee and small plates and cocktail bar Skál! (Cheers!) together with the Micro-Roast Tea & Coffee. Announcement of the six remaining merchants will be advertised later on. The launch will definitely underpin diverse human life and make Hlemmur again an attractive destination.

You can monitor the website: (N.B.: the web form is still only available in icelandic)