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Merchants’ Weekend

The biggest travel weekend of the year is coming up this weekend, are you ready?

So what is so special about this upcoming Weekend? For many Icelanders, the Merchant’s Weekend, known as Verslunarmannahelgi in Icelandic is a highlight of the summer, it’s a three day weekend (since Monday is a bank holiday) and, it is also the biggest travel weekend in Iceland. Icelanders flock to campsites all around the country to enjoy numerous outdoor festivals featuring live music and fireworks.

This year’s Merchant’s Weekend takes place from August 2nd to 5th.

For travelers staying in town, you can attend the music festival Innipúkinn, which features live music and an outdoor market.

Please note that one can expect most stores to be closed on Monday, however, in Reykjavík, many bars and restaurants will still be open for business.

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