Happy new year dear guests! And hello January!


January is a great month to experience a more authentic Iceland. It is usually the coldest month – and the darkest. In other words; very short days. The darkness is not all bad though because more darkness also means more chances of seeing the northern lights – if we are lucky 😊

Avarage temperature in Reykjavík in January is -1°C – + 1°C. But the temperature goes up and down a lot, anywhere from -10° – + 5°

Despite of its name, winter in Iceland is relatively mild – thanks to the warm Gulf Stream.

So how do we hunt the Northern Lights? 

  • Check out the Aurora forecast website
  • Get away from the city – most exciting is a super jeep tour
  • You can also try a romantic boat tour – if it‘s not too windy.

What else?

We recommend visiting the insanely cool ice cavesA truly mesmerizing wonder of nature. Or horseback riding – a great way to get in touch with the Icelandic nature.

And what about skiing? Bláfjöll ski resort is a popular ski resort both for Icelanders and tourists. PROS: It‘s just a half hour drive away from Reykjavík and no need to order ski equipment in advance. Please note that opening hours are subject to change due to snow and weather conditions. For more information, you can visit this site

So what about events in January & February?

Dark Music Days–  a festival of contemporary and new music. Date: 25 – 27 January 2018 at Harpa

Free guided tours in English – a guided tour in English through the permanent exhibition, „Making of a Nation – Heritage and History in Iceland“ / Saturdays in Jan and Feb at 11 am. Location: Visit Reykjavík

The Winter Lights Festivals – an event that is a mixture of art and industry, environment and history. Date: 1 – 4 February. Check it out at Winter Lights Festival

Tours you might want to consider in January: Check out our tour desk 

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